Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Change iPhone Auto Lock Time

“My iPhone auto lock time is too long, and every time i put my iPhone into in pocket or bag, it’s still on. So it will go to other page auto when pocket or bag touches the screen. So i want to change my iPhone auto lock time.”

The auto lock feature on iPhone iPad allows us to lock iPhone automatically, it means our iPhone will auto lock itself when we don’t use it in certain time. When the lock time is too short, we’ll unlock our iPhone so frequently; when the lock time is too long, we’ll need to lock our iPhone by hand every time we don’t need to use it. So how to change iPhone auto lock time? And set it with the time according to our needs?

Now in this article, we’ll show you our experience here for you. Read it and change your iPhone auto lock time.

Change iPhone Auto Lock Time

iPhone never locks itself automatically, but with Auto lock feature, it can help us lock our iPhone by itself. Now we’ll see how to change iPhone auto lock time.

1.go to Setting--General, then find “Auto Lock” option.

2.now tap on it, then we’ll see several options of auto lock time, that is 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes and never.

3.then choose the auto lock time you need to set, tap on it. And it will be ok.

Usually when our auto lock time is a little long, we can also lock our iPhone by pressing power button. Then put it into our bag or pocket.

Tips: we can also use “Raise to Wake” feature when our iPhone is locked, and we don’t need to press our power button to open it, just turn or shake our iPhone will be ok, but we’ll still need to input password or use fingerprint to unlock it.

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