Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How to Remove Specific Shared Links in Safari?

“There are many shared links in Safari, how to remove those specific shared links in Safari?”

Shared links in Safari can help us easily find out what we need, but when there are plenty of them, it will make our search difficult, and also it will take more storage space. And when time pass by, some of those shared links in Safari we may don’t need them any more, so we’ll think about remove some specific shared links in Safari. But how to remove specific shared links in Safari? It’s a problem for some people.

Now from this article, we’ll learn how to remove specific shared links in Safari, read it and learn more.

Delete Twitter Account for iPhone

The first method is that we can remove the connection of Twitter with our iPhone or iPad, then the specific shared links in Safari will be removed.

Go to Setting--Twitter, then find its account on the left-hand column, then find your Twitter account name on the right page.

Then click your Twitter account name, now you can see the access for your iPhone or iPad to Twitter account, then scroll down and delete it.

Please note it won’t delete our Twitter account, it just help us disconnect the connection to Safari, so you don’t need to create another Twitter account.

Revoke Twitter Access to iPhone from the Web

Now open your PC, and go to your browser on your PC, and log in Twitter.

Then open your iPhone, go to Setting--Twitter, then click “Revoke Access”.

Now restart your iPhone, and your specific shared links in Safari will be removed.

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For detailed steps, you can refer to below article:

Retrieve Lost Text Messages on iPhone 7

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